The 1953 Cadillac is special because it’s the first year of the 12-volt system. The convertible parts are different in the Eldorado and Series 62 1950 and 1953 The 1953 Eldorado was the first year for the wrap-around wind shield. Coincidentally the 53 Skylark and the Eldorado can share some convertible parts. We have been collecting 1953 Cadillac parts and have several barns of both used cars and parts. We attend Hershey and Carlisle meets and travel around the country yearly. We are willing to accommodate all of your customers and deliver parts to the port or facilitate shipping. See below for an overview of our current inventory. Please note that your inventory is constantly shifting. Please call Marc at 301-672-1000 for specific inquires or email him here.

1953 Cadillac Eldorados for Sale

We own two 1953 Eldorados and have a very large collection of 1953 Cadillac parts and cores. We have barns full of parts and cars and are constantly buying parts cars. We also have two 1953 Eldorados under restoration. Please call 301-672-1000 for details. Most of our cars are project cars and we use them as models for assembly when we do restorations. Of the cars in our yard 1953s and 1959s are a priority over many other years. We do not specialize in but have access to glass, weather stripping, and carpeting.

1953 Cadillac Parts for Sale

We 1953 Eldorado we have reproduced some rare parts such as latches and windshield trim. We have too many parts to list but we have a large inventory of the following: hoods, doors, trunk lids, quarter panels, stainless trim, and bumpers. A lot of our sheet metal is from the west coast. We have a few hubcaps but they are not in great shape. Please use our contact form for specific inquiries.

1953 Cadillac Fleetwood

We have some Cadillac Fleetwood fender skirts, doors, and trunk lids.

1953 Cadillac Deville

We currently have three 1953 parts coupes in the yard. One actually will run and one has a very solid body from Idaho.

1953 Cadillac 4 Door

We crushed a bunch of 4 doors but saved a lot of the doors. Please call us for details: 301-672-1000

1953 Cadillac Series 62

We have a lot of stainless side trim, interior parts, some rear glass windows, and we of course have all of the other parts that go with the regular models.

General Parts

If you have a specific inquire for small parts please use our email form and provide details.

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