Annapolis Classic Cars


IMG_7838Marc Tuwiner, antique car and parts collector, as well as his team, began acquiring a collection in 1991. His own love for classic cars helped develop his business into what is now thriving. Over the course of the last decade, he and his wife Silvia have successfully expanded their  business into the global marketplace.

He has traveled abroad, sourcing new opportunities such as servicing his clients with his extensive experience, as well as assisting buyers in transporting their cars abroad. Ranging from Australia to Europe, Asia, and even South America, his business has helped others seize an opportunity in owning a part of classic car history.

His passion-driven business model has helped revive an important part of automobile history all over the globe. Marc specializes and focuses primarily on Cadillacs ranging from 1950 to 1964. His primary love affair is with the 1953 Cadillac Eldorado, which he feels is a true milestone car and has two in his personal collection. However, he has been involved in many other notable acquisitions and restorations including Skylarks, Bugattis, Hortches, Delahayes, and a number of Packards.

His interests have expanded to include newer and rarer models of vehicles such as Ferrari and other impressive low-production European vehicles. His worldwide sourcing abilities have proven to be impeccable.

Dealing with barn find project cars ,all the way to cars with a Grand National (Buick and Cadillac) and AACA (Antique Automobile Club of America) status awards and he, himself as the integral part of every step of the process, Marc has traveled extensively,  and has located many cars and parts for clients.

Over the years, Marc has gained the experience and the eye to quickly identify the standard to look for jewels in the rough, even sourcing out or casting rare parts that are obsolete. He has been extremely fortunate to work with talented craftsmen who have helped him achieve his goals. These craftsmen have given him invaluable information and assisted him in his pursuits. Many of his associates look to Marc for assistance to obtain his opinion when they attend auctions. He also assists his client in communication with sellers. Marc is able to help negotiate deals where both buyers and seller are guided to the best available costs. He stands behind his clients and products. Marc facilitates their purchases and the restoration experience.

Being able to direct clients to the most experienced artisans and craftsmen to restore their new purchases or sourcing out rare and unusual parts makes this an asset to most car collectors.

Cars of High Interest:

  • 1941-1964 Cadillac Eldorado, Series 62 (specifically 1953, 1959, and 1960)
  • 1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport
  • 1953-1954 Buick (Skylarks)
  • 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado
  • Woody Wagons of any condition
  • 1956 and 1957 – Lincoln Mark II
  • 1958-1972 Corvettes in any condition
  • Up to 1960 – Cadillac Hearse and Limos

Global Services:

  • Locate antique automobile for clients In the US and abroad.
  • We are able to pair specific projects and cars to clients.
  • Locate and provide cars for movie production companies and events
  • Will travel for clients to locate and inspect cars before purchase.
  • Assist with transport to port.
  • Assist with transport and pick up from buyer to seller if possible
  • Locate and transports project cars and show cars
  • Source parts for rare restorations, as well as casting parts or having panels fabricated
  • Facilitate international shipping
  • Can help clients save on international shipping costs for by packing parts in cars going to the same destination.
  • We have an extensive collection of rare and original car parts for most restorations
  • We have been involved in several 1953-1960 frame-off restorations and are knowledgeable of the commitment both financial and time sensitive, that it requires to invest in such projects. We are fully able to consult on any restoration.